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Research ADDA is going on in full swing

Groupfie: Hanis (top photo; from left Hanis, Sharifah, Azlina, Matluba (me ;) ), Nik and Roxana)

We, the PhD Landscape Architecture students of ESALA meet fortnightly for an informal gathering in any available place nearby our office. The venue is mostly the board room or if not available then in ECA cafe or Cafe Truva just opposite Evolution house. We have named it 'Research ADDA'. Adda is a Bengali word which means an assemblage of friendly talkers, most popular is adda over tea at a road side shop named 'tong er dokan'. The name says it all as we want this meeting very informal where PhD students of Landscape Architecture (in fact not limited to LA only, there are students from Architecture and also Moray House School of Education too) will share with each other the challenges they are facing, the goals they are achieving, the rewards they are having from their supervisors and bla bla bla.. Its talking about everything (read 'research' ;) ) about a PhD stud…

Analysis Dilemma: Check of Normality

I have data for three different groups- Treatment group and Comparison group is the treatment school and the comparison school itself. First I was confused whether I need to test the normality for individual groups or all the samples together.(??)
Later onI have run the analysis for all the samples together later on. (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test showed not significant results for individual groups, yet sample size is less than 30)
EXAM SCORE DATA: In the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test the results are not significant for science and religion course before intervention and the maths score after intervention i.e. these data are normal. The scores for all other elements are significant which proves non-normality of the data. However, the skewness and kurtosis value for all the elements of the exam scores are within the acceptable range of normality that is -2 to 2 (George and Mallery 2010). The lowest value is -1.320 and highest is 0.873. The average skewness value is 0.316 and the kurtosis value is -0…