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Week in Review

I have been away from blogging for quite a long time. But I want to at least report on what I was doing in the past week on every week end. This is a start on that. I have passed a really really busy time last week and also a very productive (!) - well I can't say that but I have been in the process and I got really good feedback from my colleagues.

1) Tutoring: I was engaged in tutoring on Monday morning. I am really enjoying tutoring in the art and design studio. I am being able to learn many things- how to engage the students in the process.
 - The students of Architecture are required to be given an introduction to the design process (research process as a part of it).
- They might be exposed to how they will apply their art and design exercises in future design through some presentations.
- The students should be encouraged to use their sketchbook and the sketchbooks will be a part of the submission. It is needed to be ensured.

2) Presentation in the PhD LA Seminar: I presen…