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The ‘Thinker’ hat of mine

On the verge of being overwhelmed writing my PhD thesis, I decided to go for a short writing retreat in Berwick upon Tweed. I enjoyed the quiet environment of the small town and wished I could prolong that period. It was hard to believe when I got the news after coming back from Berwick- yes I have been awarded SGSAH’s thinker in residency to work on something related to my PhD research for three weeks at Deveron Arts based in Huntly. Looking closely at the map of Huntly in Google earth, I knew no other place can be more appropriate for PhD ‘thinking’ for three weeks. This report is an account of my experiences in Huntly in those three weeks and also my reflections on that experience.
Week 1_Settling down and setting the expectationsI was welcomed by Sophie, Intern at Deveron Arts and my room-mate for next three weeks at the train station. Though the Google-map said that the house was really close to the train station but I could not imagine how close it was. In fact, nothing in Huntly…