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What motivates you to run? What motivates a child to learn?


After putting on several kilos during my field survey in Bangladesh (due to stress, over work and less sleep) when I came back to Edinburgh on the last day of May, I felt devastated. I needed to get back to healthy life style to survive, to finish my PhD. I tried going to gym during my first year, but it was a total wastage of money as I ended up not continuing as many other people of the world do. So I discarded that idea first time it popped up in my brain. Luckily I came across a mobile app called C25K in NHS website which coaches a person to run 5 kilometre from a couch potato. To my utter surprise I continued with the program. Do you believe I finished it? The person who used to lose her breath just after running a minute can run for 30 minutes now at one go. Of course, its not easy to run for 30 minutes and every time just after 10 minutes I think I wont be able to continue and after 15 minutes I start panting and feel its impossible to con…