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The Prescription For Better Health? A Dose Of Nature

The Prescription For Better Health? A Dose Of Nature: If everyone who lived in cities went to a park for a half hour every week, there would be 7 percent fewer cases of depression and 9 percent fewer cases of high blood pressure.


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Patha Bhavana, Shantiniketan_ More than 100 years of outdoor learning practice

Patha Bhavana(Bengali:পাঠভবন) is an institution of primary and secondary education inSantiniketan,West Bengal,India. It was founded byNobel laureate PoetRabindranath Tagorein 1901 with only five students which later grew intoVisva-Bharati University. The school is established based on the philosophy of learning being in nature with close connection to it without any superficial barriers between teachers and students. It was opposed to the mainstream classroom learning system based on the books only. It’s often referred to as anashramsystem where the teacher is guru and teaches his or her disciples sitting in the shade of a tree. It is one of the two primary and secondary school affiliated with the Visva-Bharati University; the other beingShiksha Satra.

Patha Bbhavana is established for children from class I to class XII. Generally in the schools in Indian subcontinent children remain in the classrooms. The teacher moves from one class to another when the bell rings. But in Patha Bhavan…

Planning breaks during your PhD

When I started my PhD here people told everything about work during the PhD like working long hours or even during week end, working hard during the Government Holidays when even the school office is closed and access is limited to the University... bla bla. The thing that I never heard of is planning a break during this long journey. So I took it for granted that I am married to the PhD for this three years and should not think of anything else. But soon I became tired, started nagging with my husband for holidays and at one time I freaked out. It was just after three months during Christmas. Me and my husband were not really used to the idea of planning the breaks long before and found it impossible to go somewhere as the ticket prices were untouchable at the moment. So I got rotten at home for those few days of vacation. I carried loads of books to home which remained untouched until the day when the school reopened.

I am from a country where people generally don't plan much a…

Window view: Can it reduce (PhD) stress?

Few months ago, I was struggling with exhaustion and fatigue. My colleagues were saying perhaps I was stressed due to PhD. However, I was wondering why I am facing such exhaustion at that moment rather than the time while I was working almost 24 hours a day building the schoolyard in Bangladesh during my field survey. I also did not feel such fatigue at the early months of my PhD while I did not know whether I would be able to manage the fund to build the schoolyard. Nevertheless I was trying to reevaluate my everyday life, my home or work space. I was advised rest but what I could see from the living room window is this.....
View from the couch of my living room at Wardlaw Place
Well, the bouquet was a gift from my husband to cheer me up but what I could see is the view of the building opposite our flat. I did not want to stay at home from where I could not see the sky or green, yet the wet gloomy weather did not let me go out. I was missing staying at out first flat in Edinburgh which…